Rain, rain go away

I don’t know about you, but my huskies love to play in the rain! The only good thing about huskies and rain is that they have a double coat which makes it much easier to dry them off. The water doesn’t penetrate their fur underneath their guard hair.

I have tackled many muddy paws in my day. Washing countless towels and floors because I wasn’t fast enough to catch them as they ran through the door. Then there are the many times that they were so muddy because they were digging in the mud and I had to get a bowl of soapy water and try to wash their paws. That’s always fun! We all know that dogs LOVE to play in the water but HATE to get bathed in it!!

Praise the day that I happened upon the Mudbuster! This has changed my life and my pups. This comes in several different sizes, but I have the medium and it is big enough for even my large 70lb. male. All you have to do with this is fill is about half way with water, insert your dogs paw, twist it a few times and remove it from their paw. Voilà!




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