Happy Easter!


I would venture to bet that many of you don’t think about having an Easter egg hunt for your four legged kids. I hadn’t given it much thought either until one year when I had hidden the eggs outside for the kids and found the dogs happily eating them before the kids had found them!

As it turns out, they have as much fun hunting for the eggs as the kids do! Word of caution **don’t let your dogs eat too many eggs!**  Your house will stink that night if you do!  We usually limit our gang to no more than 2 eggs.


Nikita found one!!

This is a great activity to keep their minds active and they get rewarded at the end. Don’t worry about the eggshells, they won’t hurt them. My dogs love to eat the entire egg just as it is.

So, go hide those eggs, and let your dogs out to find them. Take some pictures and enjoy your day. Happy Easter!

Sitka enjoying his egg.

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