If you have a husky you are very familiar with what a zoomie is. If you don’t, and you are thinking of getting one, you better be ready for them!! A zoomie is when your husky goes wildly running from room to room, sofa to sofa uncontrollably with no real motive other than to burn off energy. They get so excited that you can’t stop them until they are done.

I’m pretty sure that just about every husky owner knows about this phenomenon. It is a fun time until the owner gets in the way! You will most likely be knocked off your feet and be headed for the ground. My best advice is to just let your kids get the zoomies out of their system (they usually only last a couple of minutes) and stay out of their way.

I was able to catch a snapshot of Nikita in the middle of a zoomie out in the snow last year. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Her personality is completely captured in this picture. As she gets older we don’t get to see this playfulness from her as much. So this picture is really a cherished one.





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