I became a chicken farmer

My husband and I took the plunge this weekend and bought peeps! We have been wanting to raise chickens for many years and we finally followed through with it. We went to Rural King on Friday and bought 9 peeps. We got 3 different breeds: Rainbow Dixie, Black Australorp and Cinnamon Queen. We also got a coop and will build a nice size run for them. We certainly can’t let them free-range with our huskies!

IMG_6763There is quite a learning process involved if you have never raised chickens. First of all, they poop a lot, drink a lot, and sleep a lot. They are very entertaining to watch. I gave them snacks – cut up grapes one day and strawberries the next. There are lots of pieces on the ground, but they will chase each other around because one of them has a piece in its beak and they all want that one piece. It is hysterical.

I have also learned that although I bought my chicks in April, I probably cannot expect to see eggs from them much before the end of September. That said, I was able to find some older hens, approximately 6 months old, nearby for $16/each that I will be picking up this weekend so that I can start to get eggs now. These will be an Australorp mixed breed.

I am very excited about finally having fresh organic eggs and also about getting that very rich compost. By adding the chicken poop to my compost pile it will add nitrogen and make my compost very rich and hopefully my garden will be very well nourished as a result.


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