Being thankful

For those that know me, my husband travels a lot for his work. Often times I am fortunate enough to be able to join him, but most times I stay behind with the “kids”. I try to remind myself on a daily basis how lucky I am to live the life that I live. My husband affords me the luxury of being able to stay home every day, and I will never be able to repay him for that.

I was getting ready to go to bed last night, and I started to count my blessings as I always do. I make sure that I have all 5 of them in the bedroom all tucked in. I walked in and found this:


Sitka usually is a floor sleeper, but when my husband is away he tends to sneak up on the bed with me (either him or Smokey – they make sure I always have a man in my bed). Akira never spoons me, but last night she decided she needed some Mom time, or she sensed that Mom needed her. This meant that I had about 6 inches on the edge of my king bed, but I was perfectly fine with that!

Last night was somewhat bittersweet for me as the day came to an end. A dear friend of mine had to say goodbye to her sweet dog and send her to cross the rainbow bridge. I quietly reminded her that her “Z” had many of my lost loves waiting to greet her on the other side of the bridge with wagging tails. I find great comfort when I picture the Rainbow Bridge. I picture thousands upon thousands of our furry loved ones on the other side playing and frolicking about with one another pain-free and worry free. Just waiting until we meet again.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, and for some reason, losing our four-legged friends really hits hard. They have this innate ability to love unconditionally and they never have any regrets. They live life to the fullest and enjoy every breath, every minute of every day. If people could just learn more from their dogs, I think this world we live in could be a much better place.


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