Swimming with Dolphins

My husband and I went on our first cruise in March aboard the Carnival Magic. We absolutely loved it. We went on an excursion in every port of call, but our favorite one by far was when we swam with the dolphins in Cozumel. We paid a little bit extra for the VIP package and it was worth every penny!  https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/cozumel/exclusive-dolphin-swim-vip-experience-304226

We were greeted with Mojito’s (non-alcoholic until time with dolphins was over) upon arrival, and escorted to our own private seating area overlooking our private infinity pool which gave us a view of the dolphins and the ocean. It was an absolute paradise. We had some light appetizers and then we were taken to meet the dolphins.

We spent about 45 minutes in the water with the dolphins. We learned about their behaviors and got to interact with them and their trainer. The most interesting fact of the day was that dolphins never sleep! They are also exceptionally strong. We had a group of 8 adults and only one female dolphin. She was able to swim on her back with us on her belly holding onto her fins. She did this continually until all 8 of us had swam with her. We got to kiss her, pet her, feed her and give her commands. It was an amazing day, one I will never forget!


When we were finished swimming with the dolphin, we went back to our sanctuary and had lunch. We were able to order off of the menu, and also had a full bar at our service. We swam in the infinity pool while sipping our drinks and making new friends.

The next time you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, don’t turn your nose up at the price! It really is worth every penny! Just make sure that the dolphins were rescued and that they are using the money for research and development.  http://www.dolphinaris.com/locations/cozumel/




I had a wonderful experience this weekend while travelling to visit family in North Carolina. Like most people we normally stay in a hotel. We were going to need two rooms this time, so I decided to look into something different to save some money.

I had heard great things about Airbnb. These are places that individuals own – houses, apartments, condominiums, etc. and they rent them out to you for whatever price they deem appropriate. I looked up their website and started looking around. I found a cute little house 2 miles from where we were going. It was also $100 a night for the use of the entire 3 bedroom, 2 bath house which was $20 less per night than one room at the hotel!

I cannot recommend Airbnb enough after using it this weekend. We had such a wonderful experience. It was so nice to go back to a house after a long day of driving. We were also able to have our family come over to the house to visit rather than hanging out in a cramped hotel room. We had a kitchen to use, we were able to do laundry if we needed to, and we had sofas and recliners to relax in at the end of the day.

If you want to check it our for yourself here is a link to save $40 off your first stay: www.airbnb.com/c/colleeng1440

There are endless places to visit and chances are there is an Airbnb where you want to go. Give it a try – I don’t think you will be disappointed.